Mission Statement: To prevent others from experiencing our pain; providing education, treatment and support for theirs.

Jon and his baby girl.
Jon and his baby girl.

These amazing people made a choice to stand tall and defend our freedom.  My husband and I lost our oldest son October 14, 2017, he became one of the 22 at the age of  23.  I still have trouble saying it without tears filling my eyes.  Jonathon was my heart and he left behind a beautiful wife and daughter.

I woke up early this morning from a bad dream.   It’s a dream I’ve had the past two years a 100  times,  I relive that day over and over in my head daily; the sounds, the feelings, the drive to Florida but in my dreams I see things I didn’t see   I see my baby boy laying there helpless, looking at me asking me why I didn’t help him.  No mother should ever go through what I’ve gone through, no mother should ever have the dreams I do….I’m asking for you to please help us raise as much awareness and money for Jon’s Mission for 22, My dreams may never stop but maybe we can prevent someone’s else.


We are sponsoring a fund raiser to raise awareness for Veteran Suicide and to celebrate the life of my son.

Many organizations are working tirelessly to stop this epidemic. Throughout fundraising we are able to support many organizations and many individual veterans.

Jonathon knew when he was a little boy that he wanted to join the Army, his dream was to become a Ranger.

When he was little he would always dress in camouflage, always had his shirt tucked in, always stood proudly for the flag, and always admired every soldier he would meet.  His eyes would light up when he would talk about the Army, so when he came to his dad and I his senior year of high school telling us that he wanted to join the Army we were not surprised. I remember when the recruiter came to our house to talk with us, Jonathon was so proud…we knew exactly what he wanted. As a mama, I cried a lot when he left for basic training. However, I remember the first call I had with him while at basic and his first comment to me was “mama this is amazing, this is what I’ve waited my whole life for” the excitement and pride in voice did this mama’s heart good. 


Please listen to video with full audio, the impact that Veteran Suicide has on a family is heartbreaking.  We work daily to ensure that Jon’s daughter knows exactly who her daddy was.


Thank you for supporting Jon’s Mission, All donations and purchases from this website will be donated to help bring suicide awareness and support to our veterans.  

“Memories saturate my heart and the story of you spills from my eyes.” ~ Grace Andren